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February 2, 2014 | by webmaster |

Getting Started With Martial Arts

Martial arts weapons and the study of these weapons have remained popular since the start of martial arts as a hobbyist endeavor in the western world several decades ago.

People study martial arts weapons for numerous reasons. Among those reasons are fun, interest, the enhancement of empty hand skills, and simply wishing to become familiar with a lost skill from an earlier generation. Throughout the years, there have been a number of widely used martial arts weapons. Let’s have a look at a few of the most popular martial arts weapons of the past and present.

martial arts exercise

Nunchakus: Contrary to popular belief, nunchakus were not at first intended as a weapon. These were utilized simply to mill rice. It was only when Bruce Lee achieved great attention that this tool that had been converted into a weapon of convenience became a popular martial arts weapon.

Samurai Sword: The samurai sword ultimately displaced the nunchaku as the hottest movie martial arts weapon as a result of growing exposure. Before this, the samurai sword had been experiencing years of declining interest.

The Katana: It is likely you know this as the "short sword". It’s actually a popular second weapon of choice for individuals who use a samurai sword. It has a small, but dedicated following.

Arnis/Escrima/Kali Sticks: If you are interested in blunt weaponry, popular since you can safely train with such devices, these Filipino weapons of choice for the martial arts are a lot of fun.

The Staff: The staff is another one of those weapons which has been popular for many years as it can be translated into anything which can be considered a long blunt weapon such as a pool cue or a broom stick. Granted, most people who study the staff do so for the relaxation found with learning such a unique weapon instead of using it for actual violent purposes.

The Three-Sectional Staff: You can actually regard this as a weapon with a cult following because of its appearance in the martial arts motion picture classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. See this Nerdist article for more. You can imagine this weapon as nunchakus in the form of a staff.

Shuriken: When ninja motion pictures became popular in the 1980s, shuriken throwing stars became just as popular for individuals who love the martial arts. While you do have to marvel at the design of these edged weapons, you also have to realize they are pretty dangerous and meant to harm people. These make sense for ninjas, because their art form is focused on quick assassination.

The Butterfly Swords: An ever growing passion for the art of Wing Chun kung fu has raised the popularity of butterfly swords. So as to fully grasp the art, you must fully grasp the use of these swords.

The Bow and Arrow: The difficulty of learning Zen archery is what makes the bow and arrow famous. The martial arts aspect of using a bow and arrow is found in knowing the concentration and patience required to be able to consistently hit your target.

These are merely a few of the most popular martial arts weapons these days. You should enjoy trying to fully utilize the fighting versatility of each martial art weapon.